Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Candy Treat Bags for Teacher and Catching Up a Bit

Hello on this hump day Wednesday!  It's been one crazy month.  Lightening struck a tree in my front yard.  When I saw it happen I thought it was an underground gas explosion that's how loud and scary it was!  We are waiting to see if the poor tree makes it.  Then I'm getting ready to close my garage door one day and I notice the walls shaking.  Then the floor.  And I'm shaking.  Earthquake!  I joked the floods were coming next and sure enough...hurricane Irene whipped right through NJ.  I feel so blessed that in all this we are all ok and aside from lots of branches to pick up, no damage. 

The day after the hurricane was a beautiful sunny day.  But Irene managed to drop the pool temperature to 65 degrees so Andrew decided to just sit and chill. 

I hope you are all doing well and that nature has been kind to you.  I appreciate your visits, your comments and your kindness in checking in on me!

 On a crafty note, I do have a few new items for those special teachers out there.  My favor tags can be personalized...a nice touch!

Special thanks to Wild Blueberry Ink for the graphic images.  You can find all her digital goodies HERE.

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Erin Bradley said...

I am glad you are OK! That is a lot of stuff all in one month. :( I am hopeful that the weather this fall & winter will be a little bit nicer!