Friday, May 7, 2010

Mr. Sole Monkey, Scrapbook & Cards Today, Craft Critique and Cuteable Blogs

It's been rather busy around here and I know it's going to stay that way considering the warm weather and all the outdoor activities that come along with it.  I did want to pop in to say that Mr. Sole Monkey has been a wonderful house guest and you can read up on his latest adventures HERE on his blog.  He's so fun and if you want, he'll come see you too!!  Eeeeek!

Looking for some Mother's Day inspiration?  The Scrapbook & Cards Today blog has some beautiful selections including a card for Grandma that was inspired by a very sweet customer of mine.

Craft Critique is also having their Mother's Day blog carnival today.  Lots of inspiration over there!  And an overdue thanks to Craft Critique for including me in their Earth Day Blog Carnival!  See what I did with my old Dove soap bar boxes.  There's even a link on the blog to make sock puppets...too fun!!

Have you seen all the cute stuff on Cuteable?  This blog lists Monday through Friday a treasure trove of cute stuff for you and your home.  I'm honored my Birthday Robot Card was included in the Craft Juice Tuesday selections!

Enjoy your mommas this weekend.  I'm looking forward to being spoiled, not that my boys need it to be Mother's Day to do that.  They are so sweet all year round!

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