Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Challenge Yourself

I am a member of the EtsyGreetings Team, a fabulous group of talented card makers who sell on Etsy. Last month 10 of us participated in the 10-10-10 Challenge. The challenge was to list a new item for 10 days and the plus for our customers was a 10% discount if they mentioned the challenge in the Notes to Seller. It was a push for me to complete many items I'd recently left unfinished in order to fill a number of Custom Orders. During the challenge, I managed to organize much of my office area. As my time crafting is very limited, organization is key for me. Despite my best efforts though, I still manage to waste time looking for items that have found a new home since I forget where the new home is. But in organizing, I found my Stampin' Up Upsy Daisy set that had somehow fallen between the computer table and the wall. The result is an assorted set of mini birthday note cards one of which I've posted above.

It was a fun bonding experience with my 9 other teammates and we even got a mention in the Etsy Success Newsletter, which is a weekly digest of hot tips for Etsy sellers. We are highlighted as an example of creative marketing or promoting on the cheap. My shop and blog had a flurry of activity and sales. It was difficult keeping up with the creating, blogging, tweeting and listing but the "challenge" was worth it. If you are interested in challenging yourself, check in with Amanda of LittlebBunny to see when the next 10-10-10 Challenge will begin.


Michele said...

Your cards are great! And I love the challenge idea! I've been wanting to sell my custom jewelry on etsy, but have been putting it off. But I think I might just challenge myself and try and do it this weekend! Thanks for the boost!

M.M.E. said...

What lovely cards! It's so nice to find another paper artist, and one on etsy to boot! Great to see your work.

The Paper Flower Shop said...

A long lost beloved stamp - that is so cool! Great post about the challenge. :D ~Sheila