Saturday, June 27, 2009

Been Around the World Yet?

When I started selling my paper crafts on Etsy last fall, I had no idea I would meet so many interesting and talented people from all over the world. After a few months of selling, I offered international shipping and have shipped orders to Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Singapore and just last week mailed off a personalized baby card to London. Welcome, baby Alexander! That's one of my favorite names, you know!

Last month I was contacted by a customer, Nicolette, from Singapore. I was thrilled to provide her with a variety of cards, gift card holders and stickers. Nicolette is becoming well known among the EtsyGreetings team as we have an active forum and there have been friendly discussions about the girl from Singapore who loves to buy cards. Recently, Molly Lee, also an EtsyGreetings team member and Etsy seller, had contacted Nicolette regarding her card sales at the Singapore fleas (flea market). Molly, like all of us, wondered what does Nicolette do with all those cards. Nicolette provided Molly with details of her own selling experience as well as a number of photos which you can see here on Molly's blog. I know Molly was pleased to see her cards in the photos. Having a closer look, I found a few of my gift card holders and mini cards. Wow, I've gone international, isn't that cool?! If you are thinking of adding international shipping to your shop, go for it! Here's a helpful thread from the Etsy forums that will give U.S. sellers all you need to know for shipping internationally.

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Karen Faulkner said...

I completely agree. I was a little hesitant about the shipping costs, customs forms etc., but it really presented very little inconvenience to start shipping internationally. And it's so satisfying to send one of your creations to a far-away place!