Friday, March 11, 2011

Vote for me on The Handmade Gift Guide

Please vote for my "Fabulous at Forty" M&M Treat Bags on the The Handmade Gift Guide!! 

I am #244 HERE

The Handmade Gift Guide is giving away a feature in The Guide along with ad space in The Guide's next Voter.  Sweet!!  And a big thanks to Wild Blueberry Ink for the Age 40 & 45 1" Circles found HERE.

What do you get out of it?  A warm and fuzzy feeling for voting for me since I'm sending you BIG hugs and a BIG thank you!!!  And of course, wishing you a fabulous weekend!!  Thanks for your support!!


1CardCreator said...

I just voted, good luck!

Lynn's Place said...

Awesome... and ya got my does that mean I get 60 for my b-day at the end of the ya lots of time teeheee!!!