Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Favorites from Etsy: Peacock Wedding

Are you wondering why I picked Peacock Wedding for the fav today? Tomorrow is my 17th wedding anniversary (yay!) and I was thinking back to that special day.  Not that peacocks had anything to do with my wedding, I just love how colorful they are and teal was a dominant color in my wedding.  The maids (as we liked to say back then) wore black velvet dresses with iridescent teal removable skirts.  My mother made all dresses and  I can barely sew a button on.  Anyway, while perusing Etsy's handmade goodness, I came across these beauties that if I had seen 17 years ago, would have been a lovely addition to our special day. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend, I know I will!!


Louisa said...

Love it!! What a great post - it's amazing how far handmade has come over the years....the creativity is ever increasing and these items are beautiful!

Arbie Goodfellow said...

Love Peacock!
Lot's of Brides are using a Peacock theme for some added color.
Beautiful picks!
Thank-You for including my clutch!

Arbie Goodfellow :)