Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Passing on Awards

I have 2 awards to pass along and overdue thanks to Judy of Judy's Card Making and Papercrafts for the Versatile Blogger Award and sweet Diane of 1Card Creator for the Sweet Blogger Award.

This Versatile Blogger Award comes with a set of rules. 
1) Thank the person who gave it to you
2) Tell seven things about yourself 
3) Pass the award on to five bloggers whom you think are fantastic...

Thanks, dear Judy!!

Seven things about me..

1)  I'm grateful to God for my blessed life.
2)  I love my boys - big, small and the furry one, too.
3)  I worked hard to put myself through 4 years of college.  Yay!
4)  I traced back my family history and found I wasn't what I thought I was.  I'm (among other good things) Carpatho-Rusyn (more specifically, Lemko), not Ukrainian.   Do you know YOUR roots?
5) I love my morning java, Hazelnut please.
6)  What are sprinkles, they're jimmies!!
7)  Mint chocolate chip ice cream...say no more

I'm passing on this Versatile Blogger Award to 5 bloggers who I think are fantastic.  Visit them and you'd think so too.

1) Erin of Crafts and Sutch
2) Shirley of Wild Blueberry Ink
3) Tangee of Kricut Krazy
4) Barb of Crafting in Paradise
5) Fiona of Fiona Designs

I'm going to pass the Sweet Blogger Award along to 6 Sweet Bloggers (not that I don't think the girls above are sweet, too!!).  Visit them and you'll see why!  Sweet Bloggers, all you need to do is pass the Sweet Blogger Award on to 6 other sweeties.

1) Gwen of Gwen's Busy Little Hands
2) Monique of Mix on the Memories
3) Sophia of Blue Chair Diary
4) Karen of Karen Faulkner Original Art
5) Natalie of Adore by Nat
6) Margie of Oh Bumble Me is Margie


Fiona Designs said...

Thank you so much! I am honored!
: 0 )

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Thanks ladybug! I appreciate it. Love that pretty blue butterfly too. Have a wonderful day, Cara.


margie c said...

Thank you for thinking of me, you sweet girl! You really made my day :) I'm so touched and humbled :)
hugs to you :*)

Adorebynat said...

Thanks so much, Cara!!! I'm honored!