Monday, May 17, 2010

Cutting Frosting Sheets with the Cricut Cake

Beautiful, isn't it?!  The view from the window seat on the airplane from my flight from the East Coast to Los Angeles.  We stopped in Denver and it was worth it as the view was breath taking!!

So here we go, 3 weeks later, I know my demo friends were looking for some photos and I'm still working on it.  I mentioned in April that a last minute opportunity came up for training on Provo Craft products and it involved a trip to LA.  It was a great trip-fun city, great people and playing with some of my favorite products.  What's not to like?!  Here's a sampling of some of the demo team from LA Training.  Hint-I am the rebel without the white polo shirt, leave a comment and guess which one is me and you can have a card of your choosing from my Etsy shop!  First one to pick me out, wins.  Just one winner please and for those that know me in the real world, you count too! 
Now that I have a Cricut Cake machine to play with, I'll post tasty treats and tips when I can.  Please don't  have high expectations.  It is warm outside and I don't want to keep active boys and my doggy indoors :o)
Purdy, isn't it?!

The next day after I returned from my trip, my mom and my 2 boys let me try the machine out on them.  It was easy peasey to use! I used the Chocolate Brown Frosting Sheets that come packaged in three and the size is 10 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches.  They are also available in white, Primary Colors and Pastels. 

 Just a hint when cutting anything with the Cake...make sure to navigate your blade in AND down at least 1/4 inch (up to 1/2 inch.)   You don't want to risk tearing your frosting sheet (or whatever other food material you'd like to cut.)  The Cake mats are not sticky like you are used to with the other Cricut machines so you will use Crisco or any other kind of shortening to act as your adhesive.  Do NOT use Pam spray or liquid shortening.  Ick!!  You can use a pasty brush to apply the Criso to your mat.  A thin, even layer should do it.  If you are in a humid area, that should be enough Crisco.  In a drier climate, you may want to add a thin layer of Crisco to the back of your frosting sheet also.  Select your image, load your mat, press Cut.  Done!

The kids liked the taste of the frosting sheets and ate all of the cut outs-hearts, monkeys, swirls, crowns, robots and a delicate butterfly.  I didn't care for the taste of the frosting sheets.  They are bland like rice paper.  But if you add the frosing sheet dies to your cupcakes or cakes, they will absorb some of the sweetness of your icing.  You eat or not to eat! 
Speaking of monkeys, I have received word that Mr. Sole Monkey is heading west to Montana tomorrow.  What a joy he's been; we only caught him in the liquor cabinet once!  You can read up on his adventures HERE.  He really is as cool as he looks!
Stop by tomorrow for the latest challenge from A Crafty Little Place!


62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Black cardigan...white shirt :) Great hair day :) That'd be you :)

Claudia @ Die Cuts R Us said...

That picture of the snowy mountains is AMAZING! Makes me miss Colorado. I used to enjoy driving to work and seeing the mountains all the way there. Yup, lived pretty close to the Twin Peaks.
The Cricut Cake is pretty neat too!