Monday, April 5, 2010

Circle of Friends Award

THANK YOU so much to the super sweet Michele from By Your Side for giving me this Circle of Friends Award! It was so very kind of you to think of me Michele!!

The conditions of accepting this wonderful blog award are for me to list 5 things that I like to do. After creating that list, I am to pass on this blog award to 5 more bloggers that I would like to learn more about...

Here are my 5 bloggy friends:
Heather P.
Baby Uno

Five things I love to do...

1.  I love hanging out with my all of my boys-big, small, in between and the furry one, too.

2.  I love watching the birds at the feeder while sipping coffee at the kitchen table.  Yes, the simple things in life are often the best.

3.  I love, love, love my music!!!  What's "my music" you ask?  Bon Jovi, Journey, 80's hair bands (I know, it's terrible), New Age, more Bon Jovi, Irish tunes, dance, did I say Bon Jovi, pretty much anything but country except when Bon Jovi was signing it. Ok, who's my favorite?

4.  I love Ireland.  I'm going to go back one day...a girl can dream, right?

5.  I love making cards.  Are you surprised?  But I really do love mint chocolate chip ice cream even more.

And I love that springtime is here!!  So on that note, I'm off to the great outdoors to enjoy the warm sunshine with my preschooler who is off from school this week.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Stop back tomorrow for a new challenge from the Die Cuts R Us Design Team.

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HornCatCreations said...

Aww thanks! I will be sure to pass on the love that award has to offer!

I like watching birdies at the birdfeeder too. It's watching fish in an aquarium.