Thursday, March 4, 2010

Etsy buyers rock!!

An overdue thank you to 2 special Etsy customers of mine.  The first is a special little someone who put together her very own Valentines this year with the help of her mom and my Whoo Whoo Wants the Cutest Valentines DIY Kit.

Aren't these just the cutest Valentines!?!  I'm always open to customer suggestions, in fact they often have fantastic ideas!  The kit was sold with white cardstock but Sandra decided to mix it up a bit by adding green, blues, and pink...looks awesome!! Thank you Sandra!

And my next big thank you goes to Mollie of Rough Magic Creations.  Visit Mollie, say hi, and check out her lovely handcrafted jewelry.  Many thanks to Mollie for participating in Etsy's Special Delivery: Share Your Love 2010.  Mollie's purchase brought a smile to 3 people this year!

Here's a little update from the Etsy Storque article:

Update: Big hugs and thank yous to everyone who sent in valentines! This year we were able to collect about 1,000 cards from all over the globe. The Citymeals-on-Wheels crew and the seniors who received the cards were so very appreciative. Here is a (hopefully) complete list of everyone who sent some in. (If you're not on it, it's because I didn't see your shop in the thread mentioned below — but thank you too!)

CLineCreations, TheArtOfJoy, crookedsister, cutiepiecompany, kristimcmurry, mitchellanddent, persimmonsgal, monkeyminddesign09, soradesigns, CarasScrapNStampArt, StellasKnits, janeheller, RueRenee, DrawntoLetters, OpendoorHandmade, lauramccabe, Emmamaha, TDavio, warmtouchcreations, sherrytruitt, SamsPaintbrush, rabbitwhiskers, RCozzone, runzwithvampirez, ginnywinny, paperinstyle, RoughMagicCreations, heatherkingdesigns, corrnucopia, RUBYrecycled, LucyBlaireCreations, KatToole, thecraftpantry, LeelaLou, empapers, TheRubyNeedle, CraftZany, CindyLindgren, Novachix, dahlilafound, welldressedcupcakes, shesbattydesigns, darlinpress, whyte, SimpleSmiles, sisterink, ohashleylove, movetheneedle, emagine, supplier, KnottyThoughts, FreshLemonBlossoms, cozycottagecreations, smashgirl, MinaCrafts,enchantingdreams, AnotherCreation, SweetTeaClothier, LoveAppleBoutique, stasiab, danapdx23, Jealousydesign, and KisforCalligraphy.

You can see lots of Valentines sent in here on the Etsy Special Delivery Flickr site. 

And here's some Valentines my family sent in.  This is our second year participating and we would have gotten more done had I not been sick.  It's such a fun event; we look forward to 2011's Special Delivery!


Ilena said...

This was my first time to participate in this special card making. Definitely looking forward to doing it again. Thanks for mentioning my shop as well as the others who reached out to send some Etsy love!

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

My first time participating, too. It was a simple thing to do to give someone a little lift on Valentines. Thanks for your recognition! Beth

roughmagiccreations said...

Thank you so much, Cara! Being "all thumbs" with paper, I couldn't have participated in this fabulous Etsy Valentines project without you and your lovely cards! So good to know where to turn for future projects like this!!! xoxo Mollie

1CardCreator said...

That's awesome that you had your family participate in this with you. Take care, ~Diane