Thursday, January 14, 2010

Featured Etsy Artist - Becky of Paper Dragon Cards

This week's featured Etsy Artist, Becky of Paper Dragon Cards, is another EtsyGreetings team mate.  Over a decade of  experience, living and travelling the world inspired Becky to create unique one of a kind cards.  Take a peek in Becky's shop and see how she incorporates origami, Japanese washi paper, handmade paper from India and rhinestones into her lovely creations.

1. Tell us about you ~ your name, location, hobbies and interests. Where do you sell your handmade items?

Becky in Birmingham, Michigan. Currently, I am helping my daughter get started with her business in Hong Kong. She sells handmade baby items and diaper cakes - - check it out! I am the seamstress for now! My other hobbies include knitting and cooking. Our shop is Paper Dragon Cards on Etsy.

2. Tell us about your art and how you got your start selling your handmade items on Etsy?

After moving to Asia 10 years ago, there was not a greeting card to be found. Since I had all of my scrapbooking supplies with me, my friend and I began to make cards. Our friends started asking where they could buy them and Paper Dragon Cards was formed. We sold them at craft fairs and in boutiques in Asia. I am now living in Michigan and want to share our designs with you!


Our shop features designs inspired from living and traveling around the world especially Asia. Each greeting card is handmade and we take great pride by using only the best papers. On our travels around the globe, we search for unique should see the stash!!

3. What inspires your art?

It could be a piece of ribbon or paper. I love putting different textures together to make each greeting card unique. It's quite a process but the finished product is well worth it.

4. What is your own favorite design/creation/painting and why?

Origami Kimono Greeting Card

One of my favorites.....such beautiful paper and so feminine. This kimono was made with paper bought on a shopping trip to London. The kimono cards are the most fun to make.....each one is hand-folded and made out of different color combinations.

5. Do you have any advice for those who are new to selling on Etsy?

Patience is the key. Get involved in everything you can such as forums, twitter, blogs, etc.

6. Do you have any favorite Etsy artists?

There are a lot of very talented artists on etsy. It would be impossible to pick just a few!

7. Do you have anything else you'd like to share? Are there any other websites or stores where we can find you?

I am very thankful to the creators of the Etsy website. Such a great avenue for all of us who want to sell our handmade items to buyers that truly appreciate an artist's work.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Becky.  All the best in 2010!  Stop back Friday and see what favorite Die Cuts R Us item I'm featuring.  Think spring!


Carol said...

Cara, what a great interview. I love the cards and your approach to her world. Have a great day.

dkmi said...

Thanks so much, Cara! You told my story beautifully!!!

Adorebynat said...

Great feature! I love the Asian influence to her cards.

Betty Refour said...

nice interview - cute items