Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yes, we have snow...

Oh fun, 2 feet of snow on the last weekend of shopping before Christmas and then no school on Monday (for one of the boys).  There was lots of fun in the snow especially sledding down the hill at the end of our block.  And lots of hot chocolate, cookies, soup and snuggling under the blankies.  Our dog, part reindeer he is, had the most fun leaping around in the fluffy white snow. 

Stop back on Thursday for the DCRU Blog Hop and then I'm taking a blog break until after the new year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010!


Gwen said...

Now that is snow! We didn't even get enough to cover the scraggly grass. Enjoy your blog break!


the whimsical butterfly said...

OMG Cara...OMG!!!! That is RIDICULOUS!!! Pretty, but ridiculous, LOL! STAY WARM my friend!!!

Yvette said...

Beautiful! Would love for at least half of that here, but don't think it will happen.

Hope you and your family have a very very Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy your time away.