Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away?

We've had our fair share of rain and gloomy weather lately. Do I mind? Not at all! It's a great time to get out those frog boots and go "puddle stomping" as my boys like to say. It's an opportunity to slow down and find worms after the storm. It's a time to look for rainbows. It's a time to huddle under the umbella with someone you love while waiting for the bus, walking the dog or telling silly jokes while trying to find the rabbits that ate our flowers.

Rain, rain, go away? It doesn't have to. Is it raining where you are? Don't let the gray clouds spoil your day, go find some fun out there!


Mama Bear said...

All we have is gray clouds...but no rain. I guess that's the SF Bay Area for you. :-)

LOVE the rain boots!

Cara said...

Guess I should note they are not MY frog boots but my 4 year olds!

hdawnparratt said...

i'll take some of your rain, lots of fires here in alberta due to the dry weather, cute boots!!

Mikiep said...

Wow with those little cute guys looking up at you who cares if it is raining :)

Raven said...

Those boots are just too cute! We could use some rain here in SoCal.