Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Wedding Card for Day 5 of the Challenge

For me, this is posting late. I'm up with the birds because if I don't get my work done before the boys get up, it doesn't get done. But that is fine. There's always tomorrow. They are playing now and said they'll give me FIVE, just FIVE minutes to list, post and tweet my teammates. Yikes!

Today's listing has been in my shop before but sold out. So I made a few more and retook the photos using my own wedding dress circa 1993. You can stop laughing now. It was preserved years ago but when we got water in the basement from a leaky hot water heater the box got wet and I had to open it up. It was packaged and sealed so well that the dress remained dry but the box was wet so I had to open it and discard the wet packaging. I still haven't gotten around to having it sealed up again. One of these days...

Today's feature on my right sidebar is Etsy member, Eve, of IsabellaFlora. Eve and her 91 year old father, Endel, are behind the beautiful creations you'll find in her shop. Their inspiration comes from flowers and botanicals. In chatting with Eve, I discovered we are both Rutgers alumni, although Eve left New Jersey some time ago. And in reading her shop profile, I see we both enjoy Celtic music! What a treasure that she and her father are able to share their creative passions together on Etsy!

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