Sunday, April 19, 2009

Etsy Obsessions and Puppy Love

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I'm reposting this on Sunday since the photo disappeared. The outcome of the dog mentioned below was he may not be good with small children so he's not for us.

While in the bookstore with my favorite 4 year old who is sometimes (ok, most of the time) too noisy for the library (that doesn't stop us from going), I took a peek in a magazine, Scrapbooks, Etc. The editor has a column listing her favorite obsessions one of which was a camera strap slipcover that was found on Etsy. Etsy just enhanced their seach features and you can find out more here. Check it out and maybe you'll find your own handmade favorite obsession.

Some of you may know that we suddenly lost our beloved dog, Comanche, last month. The boys talk nonstop about getting a new dog. We all have our own idea of what kind of dog should be our next dog. The list includes Pug, Golden Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Samoyed, and on and on. We found a Samoyed/Labrador mix yesterday and we're considering the drive this weekend to meet him. We'll see. So today our Etsy obsession would be this peaceful, sleepy Samoyed from Dogartstudio on Etsy. Let's see if Polo turns out to be this sweet! Happy Friday!

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