Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring and Etsy Greetings

Wishing you all a happy spring! We woke up to snow yesterday on the first day of spring. The boys were so excited but it was a quick snowfall and then sun. Our plants are beginning to come back to life and I'm realizing how much work needs to be done in the front and back yards. I'm looking forward to cleaning it up but we have deer in our neighborhood and they've found my shrubs to be quite tasty so it's going to be a challenge to keep them away.

I recently joined the Etsy Greeting street team at Etsy and you can check out their blog site here. We are a dynamic team of greeting card artists who collaborate to promote our artisanship through Our goal is to become the number one resource for buyers seeking quality handmade cards. Lots of talent, go take a peek. If you go to the Etsy site, you can search on "Etsy Greetings" to find us or you can link to the shops directly from the blog site.

Here's a recent Mother's Day card that I made. I can still surprise my mom with it since she doesn't surf the net. You can surprise your mom with it by clicking here to link to the shop listing. Have a great weekend!


Sandee said...

Love that card and we had snow 2 weeks ago! But this weekend is suppose to be great....You enjoy yours!

Lucky Duck Designs said...

Cara, I just had someone contact me about joining EtsyGreetings saying they had read about us at your blog!

Thanks for promoting our awesome team!

:) ahna

EtsyGreetings Team Leader

Cara said...

Oh, that's great! The EtsyGreetings team is an awesome bunch!!