Friday, March 27, 2009

Celebrate with Cupcakes and a Contest at EtsyGreetings!

Cupcakes....yummy, sweet, fun! We won't be having cupcakes but tomorrow we're celebrating the birthday of my oldest son. He's tired of hearing me talk about the day he was born, the first time we laid eyes on each other and how much I love him. But when he gets up today, his last day being 8, I'll tell him again. It's one of my best moments in life. Happy Birthday!!

Who likes contests? Head over to Etsy Greetings to vote on your favorite card for this month's Easter challenge. We welcome all readers and members to vote and leave a comment on their favorite card. PRIZE: A readers comment will be choosen at random and they will receive the card that receives the most votes. This will be shipped to them FREE OF CHARGE. I didn't enter as it was too hectic around here this month but take a peek and support my teammates. The cards are so cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Karen Faulkner said...

A very happy birthday to Alex!
Love the cupcake card :)

Anonymous said...

He might think that he's tired of hearing about it but I assure you, when he's older, he'll cherish the memory (if he only admits it to himself, that will be something.) :)

hdawnparratt said...

happy birthday to alex i love cupcake stamps, i made some cute cupcake tags today :)